[Self] Cloud Strife Progress Test Fitting

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[Self] Cloud Strife Progress Test Fitting

[self] D.VA

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[self] D.VA

[SELF] In honor of the 4 year anniversary of the BioShock Infinite release (just a couple days late) here are my 3 Elizabeth cosplays.

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[Self] Principal vs Deer Cosplay from Nichijou

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[Self] Wife and my take on Renaissance Poison Ivy and Green Lantern. Heroes & Villains Fan Fest 2017

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[self] Dota2 Drow Ranger Face Paint (First post/First time painting) CC please! =D (Softness and eyes edited) It was so strange working with paint for the first time.. If you are a good bodypaint artist - post a comment so I can follow you to learn.

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