Lurker Tips

Getting around

RedditLurker navigation bar has links to subreddits that usually have images displaying on them, and I've tried to mix it up to fit different tastes.


Besides that, the Home link displays a mixture of all the subreddits displayed in the navigation bar and some others for more variation.

Below the navigation bar, there's the search bar. Here you can look for pretty much anything and If there are image posts in any subreddit, it'll show them.

Search Bar

Also check out the footer where there are some links regarding the site in general.

Getting to a subreddit

You can see from which subreddit each post is in a link below the title, and you can click that link to go to that subreddit.

Post Subreddit

If there are specific subreddits that you like and don't see it anywhere, you can still get to them using the sidebar widget.

Go to Subreddit

Or by specifying it in the url.

Subreddit Url

View multiple Subreddits

A pretty need feature (that I didn't event intentionally coded o.O) is the mixture of subreddits in a single page. You can do something like this:

Multiple Subreddits

In both the URL and the sidebar widget, you can mix subreddits with "+" (plus) signs and it'll display posts from all the subreddits specified. You can create your own custom link page and bookmark it.

Final Note

I just want you all to remember that I'm always open for suggestions, and I encourage everyone to Contact Me and to also check out the blog even though I don't post much, but you can always leave a comment.